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Simple Food Idea For Toddlers | Best Way To Feed

November 2, 2016
The toddlers are eating healthy food.

Are you worried about your baby food? Here are some ideas to choose healthy foods for the toddlers: 

Food is the main element to produce the formation of a body. It provides all the nutrition to grow up swiftly. Choose the right foods is an important issue for the growing child. One to five year is the significant part of every child. It’s the time when they grow up rapidly. Their physical and mental conditions are starts to develop. Their brain gradually becomes sharper. Actually, children about this age are restless, romp, unstoppable. In this age, their habits are learning, playing, running, singing etc. This is why they consumed lots of calories during this age. So they need more calories & more nutrition to keep them more unstoppable. So the important thing for you/us feeds them such a way that they get their required food supplements and which will take effective in future. In this time for parents also need to shift gears to move to new era where they’ll take food more independently.

The toddlers are smilling to carrying foods

Food For kids

Physicist advice for toddlers

Specialists of the child often say: At the age of 12-24 month are known as toddler and growing up with sufficient physical, mental growth and immunity from disease they need more nutrition and their required food supplements. Which can be easily found on Eggs, Spinach, beef, fruits, chocolates, vegetables. Actually this is the first time when children accepting new tastes and experience their first hard food. But it’s the time for the parents to variety of toddlers food. So every baby should be given to potluck, rice, bread, potatoes fruits according to their size and age. There is a graph given below to familiarize toddlers daily nutrition requirements.


Food Values For Toddlers

Required food value graph for toddlers

Required food they need daily:

The reuirements of food mainly depend on their activity level, size, age etc. we add a chart below where you can get daily required energy for your kid and the foods which would satisfy the requirements. Sometimes it varies. This chart is like a guide but you should apply your own. e req                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     We need to keep variation for child’s daily menu on  diet by green vegetables and seasonal fruit. While a child feeds the same foods over and over again, the more reluctant they are made. However, the child will not eat anymore. However, try to bring innovation to create a meal. We should keep eggs in his/her daily meal because only egg contains more nutrition than other. Be patient, Sometimes parents need to act a role to inspiring him/her to take meals. Never try something sour or spicy like lemon, hot sauce. For the formation of strong teeth & bones, choose the baby’s milk & milk types of foods, yogurt these are high source of calcium, eggs, sesame, butter, fatty fish, turnip, mustard greens contains protein and vitamin D.

Kids daily food demand

Chart for toddlers

sometimes its very helpful to present them something delicious like milkshake, chicken soup, egg pudding, chocolate avocado pudding,  yogurt mac & cheese, banana pancakes, salad meal and some juice. These will make interest to eat.

Parents activity should

All you need to do is whatever you going to eat, eat in front of your baby/child that makes him/her impress and curious to eat and taste. After all if you think you are satisfied with your baby/kids health. Two-year-old children to grow up in perfect time. Some of this time is to give children a nutritious meal. But parents do not always understand what kind of food would not give a child. This feature will allow to solving that problem for some quantity. Now a days government is take very important role to improve their health. Also there are non government agency work for babys health. All the medical suppliments like vitamin A cap, some injections are for baby are free by government.


Nutrition facts with a little brief 

Calcium is a very important element for the creation of teeth and bones. Growing old baby calcium diet should  eat. Milk, spinach,yogurt, various fruits, plenty of calcium are found in a wide variety of greens.II. ”Iron”Iron is essential for the formation of blood. Iron in the blood to transport oxygen and other nutrients to the head. Meat, liver, fish, beans, nuts, etc., iron-rich foods.

2. ”Protein’
Cells in the body structure, eliminating infection, providing power to various proteins in the body works.One or more of your rising child’s diet must be available . Nevertheless, more children than the amount of red meat, fish, eggs, milk, eat more vegetables.

3.” Carbohydrate”
The power supply is the most important source of carbohydrates in the body. It is utilized in the body fat and protein helps to form new tissue. Bread, potatoes, Dairy foods, nuts, fish, meat, rice, pasta, cereals, etc., carbohydrate-rich foods.

4. ”Vitamin B-1”
Several of the ‘B’ vitamins to produce  a hygienic metabolism . To put vitamin-rich foods in the diet of children while during growth. Keep foods, especially vitamin B-1.

5. ”Vitamin A and Vitamin C”

in sequence to fix the baby’s eyes, for its proper growth and mark up the immune system of vitamin ”A”There is no alternative way . Increase resistance to disease, cold, cold away, the wounds heal quickly, a lot of vitamin C is important. It also helps to build bones and teeth. Guava, orange, lemon, mango, strawberries,ripe mango, carrots, pumpkin,  star fruit,ripe papaya, fish oil, watermelon vitamin A and vitamin C-rich foods such as sweet potatoes.